Under the direction of Brenda Uchimaru, the members of Kokoro have shared their joy of singing and given their passion to the heart and soul of the music they create since 2003. Our name, Kokoro, derives from a Japanese word, the essence of which has come to mean the centre of life, the beat of the heart, inner meaning and soul. As a choir, Kokoro’s repertoire spans all genres, but finds most of its expression in compositions that give voice to the emotion within the poetry. Idioms of jazz, folk, gospel and spiritual find their way into each programme. In addition to two annual concerts, Kokoro also gives back to the community through fundraising events for organizations supported by Kokoro members. Kokoro signifies not only the desire to express the passion and soul in music, but also reflects the relationships between each member, and with our founder, Brenda Uchimaru.