Check out some of our recent concerts. Playlists of the entire concerts have been shared below. Enjoy!

Around the World with Kokoro 2012 Concert Playlist
Kokoro Choral Holiday Sampler 2011 Concert Playlist
With Glowing Hearts Canadian 2011 Concert Playlist
Songs of the Heart 2010 Concert Playlist

Here are a couple of pieces from our SOCKS Support Orphaned Children in Kenyan Schools) benefit concert on May 1, 2011.

Dancing Dancing River, by Carol Ann Weaver:

All Too Soon, arranged by Stephen Hatfield:

Sometimes Kokoro finds it helpful to improve cohesiveness within a piece by singing in a circle, facing each other. Here is a short clip of Kokoro rehearsing "I Can Tell the World" by Moses Hogan, for a recording at our new rehearsal location in February 2011:

Check out this sneak peak from rehearsal for our upcoming concerts (December 2010):

Have you ever wondered what a choir would sound like from a choristers perspective? Another sneak peak of our upcoming concert (December 2010):